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Photography by Pratap J

Welcome to my photography blog and website. I am based out of Bangalore, India, and I specialise in outdoor, nature and travel photography. I have been handling DSLRs since 2007. I am also a travel blogger, photography mentor and print maker.  This website is a non-commercial showcase of my love for nature, travel and the outdoors.

In here, you will find travelogues, guides, and photos that were made with a lot of passion. I have been running this website out of my own income since 2006… read more

What’s New

October 2019

  • The 2019 edition of the Waterfalls of the Western Ghats tour announced! Check www.darter.in for registration and details.
  • This website has been listed in the “Top Travel Bloggers” list. Head over to TripCrafters to see who else is on the list.
  • Watch my new video, “Star Gazing near Kanakapura” on YouTube. Please subscribe to my YouTube channel while you are there 🙂
  • Six of my photos have appeared in the 2019 WWF calendar called Panorama. You can see a short video of the calendar here

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