Monsoon in Hampi

Climbing Mathanga hill is one of my favorite activities in Hampi. The climb is not particularly easy. but it offers very nice views of the entire landscape around Hampi. Going up before sunrise [...]

The town of Melkote

This image was made during my third photography tour to Melkote. Summer comes early these days, so during the day I was shooting very little. However, evening presented some beautiful light. We [...]


Melkote is a temple town famous for two temples – Yoganarasimha and Cheluvanarayana Swamy Temple. The stairway to the temple on top of the hill presents many interesting photo [...]

Boganandishwara Temple

The kalyani at the Boganandishwara Temple is a very interesting space. From this photograph, you can see how perfectly geometrical it is. This photograph is a minor effort to capture the already [...]

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