Spider Hunter

The spider hunter belongs to the family of sunbirds. They are characterized by long strongly curved bills. This particular fella was very busy collecting nectar, and I had a good timing chasing [...]

Butterfly Love

This image was shot using a 50mm 1.2L lens, with an extension tube attached. The 50L is one of the fastest lenses from Canon, which means it has a very shallow depth of field. By adding a [...]


This photo represents the joy of seeing really fresh, healthy flowers. I made this image at the Botanical Gardens in Ooty. Maybe it was the climate, or maybe the fresh air – the greenery of [...]

Sleeping Dragonfly

I spent a lot of time with my tripod and macro lens making this photograph at Agara lake, Banaglore. There was a time when the lake was much healthier than it is now. One could find a variety of [...]


I found this peeping  tom atop a tree at Nandi. Our photography trips to Nandi are generally to capture birds and maybe landscapes (if the season is right). However, there are small other photo [...]

Bee Eater

I don’t shoot a lot of birds. But on a trip to my native, I found a lot of birds in scenic locations. I was carrying the necessary equipment (a tele lens) and I managed to shoot this bee [...]

Lunar Eclipse

I was lucky to be away in the mountains during the Lunar eclipse. I shot this image with a 100-400L lens, mounted on a tripod. Used a 1.4x TC as well. A glimpse of the dark side of the moon. Dec [...]