Monsoon in Hampi

Climbing Mathanga hill is one of my favorite activities in Hampi. The climb is not particularly easy. but it offers very nice views of the entire landscape around Hampi. Going up before sunrise [...]

St Mary’s Island

St Mary’s Islands are a group of four islands in the Arabian sea, close to Malpe beach in Udupi. Tourists can visit one of the islands, called Coconut Island. Geometric rock formations, as [...]

Jenukallu Gudda

Second time lucky, viewing a glorious sunset at Jenu Kallu Gudda, in Uttara Karnataka. The first time I got to this location, it was past sunset and all I saw was a feeble glow of a sun that had [...]

The Western Ghats

The Kadamane Tea Eastate in Sakleshpur is one of the last of the wild areas in the Western Ghats. Well, that is if you go by a loose definition of pristine. It is a tea estate, and has been [...]

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