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The Western Ghats

The Kadamane Tea Eastate in Sakleshpur is one of the last of the wild areas in the Western Ghats. Well, that is if you go by a loose definition of pristine. It is a tea estate, and has been [...]


Melkote is a temple town famous for two temples – Yoganarasimha and Cheluvanarayana Swamy Temple. The stairway to the temple on top of the hill presents many interesting photo [...]


Are monkeys closer to humans, or are humans closer to monkeys? The answer lies in how you perceive what happens around you.

Daylight’s designs

This image was made on a sunny day at Lepakshi. It is interesting to note how nature and ancient structures look interesting even when the shadows are harsh. Certainly, a different level of aesthetics.

The road ahead

The NICE road is not too far away from where I live in J.P Nagar. This stretch offers some nice landscape opportunities. This is a black and white version of a beautiful sunset. The colors are [...]

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