The town of Melkote

This image was made during my third photography tour to Melkote. Summer comes early these days, so during the day I was shooting very little. However, evening presented some beautiful light. We [...]


Melkote is a temple town famous for two temples – Yoganarasimha and Cheluvanarayana Swamy Temple. The stairway to the temple on top of the hill presents many interesting photo [...]

Boganandishwara Temple

The kalyani at the Boganandishwara Temple is a very interesting space. From this photograph, you can see how perfectly geometrical it is. This photograph is a minor effort to capture the already [...]

Awaiting the rains

I shot this image using a Samyang 14 f/2.8 lens, mounted on a 5D Mark II. This combination produces excellent results. I took 3 different exposures to balance the top half and bottom half of the [...]


“I once took the blue pill…” Honestly, I did not know what to call this photograph. What struck me the most was this vibrant door, among these pillars. The door signified a way [...]

Drukyel Dzong

Drukgyel Dzong is an ancient monument in Bhutan. The structure, which was probably once a fort, is now crumbling. It offers interesting photo opportunities. This image was made during my second [...]


Shettihalli was until recently a largely undiscovered day trip from Bangalore. About 20 km away from the Hassan highway, it is a fun drive because of the six-lane highway between Hassan and [...]

Daylight’s designs

This image was made on a sunny day at Lepakshi. It is interesting to note how nature and ancient structures look interesting even when the shadows are harsh. Certainly, a different level of aesthetics.


Considering how hot it was at Lepkashi the day we went there, I am really pleased with the way this image has turned out. I not only bracketed 7 images using my 1D Mark III, I also used a grad-ND [...]

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